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Video: Cross Coupe GTE’s Digital Panels Signal Tiguan Turnover

We last wrote about the Cross Coupe GTE concept last week when VW introduced it at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The Cross Coupe GTE is a mid-size SUV concept that hints at changes coming to the Tiguan and possibly a new crossover SUV one size below the Tiguan. It’s important because it shows the exterior and interior styling that Volkswagen will likely favor.

This week we are fortunate to have a video produced by Volkswagen at NAIAS showing off the Cross Coupe GTE. We packed as many details as we could into last week’s blog post, but there is something different about getting to see the vehicle, as well, and forming your own initial impressions.

As VW’s Christian Buhlmann points out, there are a number of things to note in this concept vehicle. Rather than list everything he talks about in the video, we encourage you to watch it for yourself. We will say though that we agree with Christian about the aspect of the GTE that he found most impressive: the all-digital instrument panel.

We all grew up with physical dials for the speedometer, fuel gauge, tachometer and the like, and most of us still have those in our cars at this very moment. Volkswagen, however, is leading the industry in acknowledging that people now want the freedom to choose what to display in that panel.

If you’re relying on navigation, you might want to see a map there. If you’re choosing music, you might want to browse through your favorite album covers. There are a lot of potential applications to this, but the bottom line is that it keeps your eyes pointed forward, and your hands on the wheel.

The Cross Coupe GTE therefore signals future SUVs from VW that bring modern and progressive touches to the performance, efficiency, safety and technology that you already expect.

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