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Archive | February, 2014

eGolf comes to U.S. Later This Year

Finally, news of a cheering Volkswagen victory to which we don’t have to append, “But, that’s too bad for American drivers as Volkswagen has no plans to bring the _____ to the U.S.” Volkswagen is indeed planning to bring the electric version of the Golf—known as the eGolf—to the U.S. and not only that, but […]

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Scirocco Sport Coupe Might Finally Come to U.S.

It’s a bold claim, but it’s been advanced lately that the Volkswagen Scirocco, which will be debuted at the Geneva Motor Show next month, will also head to the U.S. at some point, even though we lack official confirmation at this point. And yes, it is a tad dramatic way to refer to what is, […]

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Oldest VW Beetle Shows Masterful Design

Volkswagen is doing a cool partnership with America’s Car Museum this spring, and since we’re not in Tacoma, Washington to see the vintage VW’s ourselves, we thought that we would highlight a few of the coolest models here on our blog. First up is this all-black 1943 KdF-Wagen, also known as the earliest version of […]

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Dancing on a Frozen Lake: The 2015 Golf R

Winter Storm PAX aside, most of us prefer dry, warm roads with all-season tires. That’s how driving conditions are most of the time in North Carolina, and it’s certainly much easier to confidently drive in conditions that your tires are equipped to handle. But what if you get a kick out of winter conditions? What […]

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