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Pro Driver Hoons Golf GTI With Pressurized Milk, GoPros, and a Carwash

By now you might have heard of the sporting camera company GoPro for its famously rugged high-resolution cameras that can be attached to nearly anything and record video. People put them on weather balloons, skateboards, Cheetahs, you name it. If you want to record something awesome on the fly, GoPro is the camera for you.

To demonstrate their viability, Volkswagen has released an interactive video on YouTube that lets you choose between multiple vantage points throughout the roughly two-minute length. You can switch between multiple camera views because the 2015 Golf GTI is outfitted with several dozen GoPro cameras on its body like barnacles on a boat.

The purpose of the video is twofold: first, to let professional driver Tanner Foust drive the GTI really hard and pull an insane number of J-turns, and second, to show how high-quality the footage from a GoPro can be. The kicker is that Volkswagen is including a free GoPro® HERO3+ Black Edition camera with every GTI order entered before June 30.

It’s a super fun video to watch; we love the interactive nature it entails, and it includes bizarre moments like a pedestrian spraying the GTI with pressurized milk as if it were champagne. Check it out:

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