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Volkswagen Commits $25 Billion, Two Plants in China

It has been no secret that the big money for automakers, no matter if their headquarters are in Detroit, Stuttgart, Johannesburg, New Zealand or the South Pole, is in China. A recent move this week by Volkswagen to spend $2.7 billion for two new plants in the sizable country reinforced this fact. It’s even more […]

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e-Load Up! Perfect for Small Business Owners

If vehicles with cheerful explanation points in their names makes you feel warm inside, then the Volkswagen e-Load Up! is the car for you. Astute Volkswagen fans will note the name’s similarity to another Volkswagen model, the e-Up!, a spunky two-seat electric car designed for tooling around the city leaving nothing but smiles and environmentally […]

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Volkswagen Developing Electric Cars With 400 Mile Range

We depend on batteries for many things in our modern world, most notably our laptop computers, smartphones and cars. Unlike the slim, hidden batteries inside our phones, however, the awkward, blocky batteries in our cars appear like Frankenstein’s monster: dangerous, ugly, and potentially lethal with its two exposed terminals—connecting the cables to jump-start a car […]

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