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Bionic New GTI Somehow Got Stronger, Roomier, Cooler and Less Expensive

LeftLane News has a first drive of the 2015 GTI, and it’s about as enlivening as your morning cup of coffee. The new GTI has more horsepower, more torque, more cargo space, and more technology than last year’s model. But what’s really surprising is that it also weighs less, burns less fuel, and costs less than the previous iteration.

You’re basically getting more power, fun, features, functionality and mileage in a lighter, less expensive package. How is this possible? A couple of ways: steering is now electric instead of hydraulic, which reduces weight and conserves fuel. Assembly is now performed in Mexico instead of Germany, thanks to a new study which shows construction quality is as good there as the Fatherland. And the architecture of the GTI’s chassis is VW Group’s MQB modular component set, a multiple-use frame which makes production more cost-efficient.

VW Group is a big organization that owns lots of auto brands. By leveraging its global resources, VW has been able to create efficient supply and assembly practices for the skeleton of its cars. On top of the skeleton can then go all of the things that make each individual brand unique. The GTI is a great example of this.

You get the new stuff that’s en vogue like a touchscreen that can handle all of the submenu wandering that most of us are conditioned enough to not find offensive. But you also get front seat warmers and 18-inch wheels so that you look cool. These items are standard, leaving the leather touches, rearview camera and sunroof for the Autobahn package. A six-speed manual is present to let you take advantage of the lighter weight and greater torque, though you can also have the dual-clutch automatic if you want to be chill.

All in all, the GTI looks better than ever. We’ll have ours in stock soon, so check in with us to do a test drive. You’ll love it!

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