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The Best 5 Car Ride Games to Pass the Time During a Road Trip

Let’s be honest. There are very few people who love long road trips. Whether you’re behind the wheel or along for the ride, watching those white and yellow lines slip by one at a time can be pretty mundane. That’s why taking a nap is one of the more popular car-ride activities. But being in the car with family is a good opportunity to have some fun! So keep those eyes open, and play one of these five boredom-killing games.

1. Alphabet

The rules for Alphabet are simple. Everyone begins at the letter A, and tries to find a billboard, road sign, car name, or license plate that starts with that letter. For example, a sign for Arby’s would count for A, but only if the word Arby’s is on it. Once you finish A, move on to B, then C, and on through the entire alphabet. This game is really great for those sitting in the front seat, who have a slight advantage on upcoming road signs and billboards.

2. I Spy

This is more an honorable mention. Most everyone knows the game I Spy, but in case you don’t, the rules are very easy. Find an object, and describe it as such: “I spy with my little eye something (insert color).” This can also extend to: “I spy with my little eye something that begins with the letter (insert letter).” Just remember to be fair by choosing an object in everyone’s view, rather than that green sign you passed about a mile back.

3. 20 Questions

Twenty questions is one of the best car games of all time. One person chooses an object, animal, person, or really anything they want, and everyone else asks questions to find out what it is. But be careful what you ask! You only have 20 questions to figure it out, so you’ll want to pace yourself and choose those questions wisely.

4. The Picnic Game

This is a great game to test your memory. To play, begin with a short sentence. “I’m going to a picnic, and I’m bringing (something that starts with A).” If you were to say apples, the next person would say “I’m going to a picnic, and I’m bringing apples, and (something that starts with B).” Then so on until you’re through the entire alphabet. It can get pretty challenging once you get going, and equally hilarious depending on how creative you can be with your picnic items. If you’re feeling really adventurous, try doing the alphabet backwards!

5. Name That Tune

It’s time to turn off that radio and listen to some real talent! In this game, each player takes turns signing, whistling, or humming a song of their choice. The objective is to be the first to correctly guess the name of the song someone is mimicking. Whoever wins then becomes the singer for the next round. If you’re not too keen on singing, try putting on a Pandora station, or hitting “seek” on the radio and trying to guess those songs.

Finally, remember that driving always takes precedence over playing games. It’s a great time to have fun, but distracted driving can turn a road trip into something much worse in a matter of seconds. Have fun on your road trips, but be safe.

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