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Question: Can My Car Tow a Trailer?

Short Answer

Probably not. Odds are your car wasn’t built with a tow hitch. If it was, a quick Google search should reveal your vehicle’s towing capacity. You could also revert to the Stone Age and flip through your owner’s manual to find out (which is what we’d recommend).

Medium Answer

Most cars are not fitted with the hardware to tow, so you’ll need to install a trailer hitch receiver to make it work. A trailer hitch receiver is an aftermarket accessory that is mounted to the frame of your vehicle, and supports the load of what you’re pulling.

Most vehicles can be fit with a hitch, but not all, so be sure you buy one that fits your specific vehicle. Once you find what you need, make sure you know exactly where and how you’re mounting it. If you need help finding or installing a hitch receiver, feel free to contact our parts and service center.

Long Answer

Time to think objectively: Should you really be towing something with your car, or is it time to upgrade to a vehicle that was built for towing? Most cars, unless they’re all-wheel drive, will have trouble hauling more than 1000lbs. That’s about the weight of your average 14ft. Jon boat.

Cars are also designed to brake at a specific weight. When you add 1000lbs., your brakes have to work much harder than they were designed to in order to slow the heavier load. If you are pulling with a car, make sure you leave yourself plenty of room to brake. Again, leave yourself plenty of room. Don’t end up like the picture you see below.

Adding that much weight to a car also puts more strain on all the mechanical components. What we’re saying is that you can use your car to tow, but it’s not exactly ideal. If you have a consistent need to pull a trailer, it may be time to find a vehicle fit for the job. There are plenty of options out there, but if you’re looking for a Volkswagen, we can surely help. Come by Leith Volkswagen Raleigh today and take a look at our inventory of new and preowned vehicles.

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