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Volkswagen Shows How to Give A Present To the Founder of Facebook

We all know people who are hard to shop for. Their birthdays come up, and we cringe. We draw their names in a gift exchange, and we flinch. We see them at the local coffee shop at 7:30 in the morning after dropping our kids off and popping in for a quick moment away from the world but see them trying to decide what to drink so we pivot behind a crowd of ladies and count to 30 until we peek our head out for a look. You know, those people.

Invariably the problem is often that these people don’t get excited about things that normal people get excited about. Either that or they already have everything they could possibly want. Whoever your dread-recipient is, Facebook CEO and Founder Mark Zuckerberg represents this to the Nth degree. At 29 he is one of richest people in the world, and has literally changed global culture by not being like other people. How do you buy something for a person like that?

By paying attention to the little things.

When a Wall Street Journal article took its hard-charging, journalistic truth-telling mandate seriously the other week and reported that the CEO drives a Volkswagen GTI, we could hear the executives at VW groaning all the way across the Atlantic. “Oh no—now we have to get HIM something! Isn’t that the way it works? Tom, would you run out and get a present for Mark Zuckerberg, please? I don’t know, something nice.”

Whatever that inevitable formed committee/task force was named, they did a nice job. Mr. Zuckerberg is famous for his love of wearing hoodies, even to important meetings with powerful people. So what did Volkswagen send him? You guessed it.

It goes to show you that everyone has something they like, and you can never go wrong getting them more of it. In case you’re looking for something simple, you might check out our gift shop. And if all else fails, you can always make them a cake.

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