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Oldest VW Beetle Shows Masterful Design

Volkswagen is doing a cool partnership with America’s Car Museum this spring, and since we’re not in Tacoma, Washington to see the vintage VW’s ourselves, we thought that we would highlight a few of the coolest models here on our blog. First up is this all-black 1943 KdF-Wagen, also known as the earliest version of […]

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Volkswagen Sponsors 2014 Winter Olympics with Massive Trucks

As the official vehicle sponsor of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Volkswagen is providing about 3,000 vehicles to the organizing committee. Of those 3,000, however, none are likely to be as visually impressive as the Polar Expedition versions of the Amarok trucks Volkswagen built to conquer the Russian Steppes. Note: Amarok means “Wolf” in […]

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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Drives a Volkswagen GTI

Yeah, we were surprised, too. According to an article in the Wall Street Journal that we can’t read because we don’t have a paid subscription, Facebook Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently bought and commutes to work daily in a black Volkswagen GTI with a manual transmission—that is, according to people who have read the […]

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The Way of the Future? Volkswagen’s XL1

There are some cars that look like they’re meant for the future. Shiny and gleaming, there’s something mysterious to their look. Which is simple, really: if they didn’t look strangely different, then how much of a leap into the future could they be? The Volkswagen XL1 has exactly this quality. The broad front end has […]

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Farewell to the Kombi Bus, Our Old Friend

Score one for time. Volkswagen will officially stop producing their iconic vans on December 20. Originally named the Type 2 (the Type 1 was, of course, the Beetle), it’s now called the Kombi, short for “combination vehicle.” Although they haven’t been made in Germany since 1979, Brazil still produces and sells 2,000 units a month. […]

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