Jet Powered volkswagen Beetle

Here’s What Happens When You Put a Jet Engine in a VW Beetle

Why would anyone put a jet engine in their car? For Stanford University Mechanical Engineer Ron Patrick, PhD, the answer was simple: “Because I wanted the wildest street-legal car possible.” It’s safe to say he got what he wanted. This monster has two engines: the stock 90-hp gasoline engine that powers the front wheels, and […]


In 2040, Which Cars Will Be Considered Classics?

Classic cars are great – they’re great to look at, better to drive, and reminiscent of simpler times. Classics transport us back to the year they were built and are charged with an ambiance you won’t find inside a brand new vehicle. We find it incredibly interesting which cars become classics, and which disappear with […]

How to Escape a Submerged Vehicle

How to Escape a Submerged Vehicle with Your Life

This is an absolute worst case scenario: you plunge into deep water while inside your vehicle, and start to sink. You’ve seen the movies where the hero dives after a sinking car and saves an entire family, dog included, but in reality, there’s probably no one coming to save you. If you find yourself sinking […]


Question: Can My Car Tow a Trailer?

Short Answer Probably not. Odds are your car wasn’t built with a tow hitch. If it was, a quick Google search should reveal your vehicle’s towing capacity. You could also revert to the Stone Age and flip through your owner’s manual to find out (which is what we’d recommend). Medium Answer Most cars are not […]

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