Switching to Stick: Top 5 Reasons You Should Drive a Manual

We’re on the transmission-impossible: Getting Americans to switch to manual. We know, we know: Traffic. But if traffic is your only reason for not driving a manual, we think you’re seriously missing out. Here’s why: 1. Better gas mileage While this is no longer an absolute truth for all manual vehicles, it is still the […]

What’s The Noise Your Car Makes When You Turn It Off?

You’ve definitely heard this noise before. It’s that quiet “ping-pang” of metal that you hear after turning off your car. The question is, what’s making that noise, and should you be worried about it? We always like to imagine the noise is just a band of Keebler elves playing bocce ball inside our exhaust system. […]

Real Life Thor Hafthor Bjornsson Carries a Volkswagen Beetle

If you’re a grown man and you have a widely-known nickname, it’s usually not an endearing one. Take Michael Jackson’s “Wacko Jacko” for example. But if your nickname is “Thor” or “The Mountain,” you’re probably doing something right. Hafthor Bjornsson was born in Reykjavik, Iceland. He has placed first in many strongman competitions – including […]

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