Photos: New Geneva Volkswagen Concept Hints At Future Designs


Volkswagen introduced its Sport Coupe Concept GTE at the Geneva Motor Show this week, and it speaks to us about future VW design language and the industry as a whole.

As a fastback/slantback/long sedan type design, the sport coupe is trading on the capital of the Audi A7, Tesla Model S, Porsche Panamera and possibly even the original Porsche 911 design. Yet in its rear fenders we can see the Audi prologue concept that will inform the next few years of designs for Volkswagen’s big sibling.

The Sport Coupe Concept GTE's means @VW is taking a more performance attitude overall. Click To Tweet

With long lines and a super wide grille, the sport coupe has harmonized efficiency with interior spaciousness. The grille sits below the headlights, just like in the new Audi R8, also revealed in Geneva, and the flared edge of the rear trunk it’s probably the most singularly VW aspect to the car.

What does this mean for future Volkswagens? Platform is everything. The MQB that successfully carries most new designs across the VW group is being replaced by the MSB, of which we would bet the sport coupe is a first example. That wide stance also means that Volkswagen Group is taking a more performance attitude overall, even in its namesake brand.

Everything inside the Sport Coupe Concept GTE is glass and 3D graphics with hardly a physical button in sight. Click To Tweet

Audi design is clearly trickling down to inform VW of what looks good, which makes sense given that Audi sales in the U.S. appear to be living on Red Bull, Mountain Dew, Jolt, Surge and really fine Italian espresso. The core of Volkswagen will still remain. A more Audi-inspired look will help move the needle upward on all new models.

The inside is also something we hope to see, but almost looks too good for this price point. Everything is glass and 3D graphics with hardly a physical button in sight, which is a far cry from today’s controls. Does it look amazing? Absolutely. But we remain a bit skeptical in seeing this in 2016 models.

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