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driving and the brain

Your Brain on Driving: What’s Happening, and How It’s Making you Smarter

Our brains are mysteriously amazing. All day they’re taking in information, assessing risks, and helping us with mundane tasks like walking, talking, and driving. Simultaneously, they regulate the function of our organs, nervous system, and keep us breathing. Pretty amazing, huh? We all want a smart, agile brain, so knowing what’s good for yours and how […]

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should i speed

Speeding: Is it Worth Your Time?

We’ve all exceeded the speed limit at some point in our driving career – most of us have probably done it a few times today. It’s part of our hustling and bustling culture: Do it fast, do it well, be efficient, and be on time. This has led us to regard speed limits as mere […]

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New car smell

How To: Keeping That New Car Smell

Ah, that new car smell. Without it, a new car would not be the same. The scent of a new vehicle carries prestige, opulence, and the air of quality through your nostrils, flooding your olfactory nerves with the fresh smell of excellence. Unfortunately, new cars naturally lose their divine stench over time. It is possible, however, […]

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