VW Debuts 2015 Golf R, Most Powerful Golf, At L.A. Auto Show

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Volkswagen delighted audiences this week by announcing pricing for the 2015 Golf R, the most powerful version of the Golf yet in America. Double-digit gains in horsepower and torque over last year’s model won’t even come at the cost of fuel efficiency: the 2015 will get 30 mpg tops compared to the 2014’s 27 mpg.

At the same time, Volkswagen kept a little mystery alive by showing what it calls the Golf R Variant, a longer, station wagon-esque version of the Golf R that looks a bit more relaxed and less abbreviated than the hot hatch.

The mystery about the R Variant is that it will be sold in Europe, but not the U.S. Those with a sharp eye will notice that the R Variant looks an awful lot like the Audi A3 before it switched over to the sedan style just this year, and had been selling happily enough. Nonetheless, Volkswagen flew the R Variant over to L.A. to show the New World what it’s missing.

Check out more details about the new Golf R on our social media pages.

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