Volkswagen Wins World Rally Championship Two Years Running

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Rally Spain 2014

If you like a car that has some pep, it helps when it comes from a family of champions. Today that family is Volkswagen who just won its second world rally championship, two years in a row. Of the twelve official rallies that have been held this season, Volkswagen has won 11, which means it has taken first place for 2014.

What is rally racing? A quick YouTube search will show that it’s a gritty, intensive style of racing with high performance cars that have very little weight and lots of horsepower. Unlike NASCAR or Indy races, which favor cars with high top speeds, rallies are won by drivers and cars that can hustle their way around loads of hairpin turns and tricky curves.

It’s a sport that encourages drifting into turns, and is quite a lot of fun to watch, even if you’re not a car buff. It also means that Volkswagen takes the agility and performance aspects of its cars very seriously. Some of our cars might excel at rally racing more than others, but every single model comes from a DNA that puts championship-winning rallies somewhere in the mix.

Rally Spain 2014

It’s partly for this reason that the 2015 GTI was recently named Yahoo’s Car of the Year. The GTI was one of 17 finalists considered by Yahoo’s auto editors. No strangers to evaluating cars of all backgrounds, the editors thought about cars from every possible angle: efficiency, safety, performance, utility, curb appeal, etc. For the GTI to score a coup like this, on top of the recent rally wins, makes this a great year.

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