Volkswagen Golf Nabs 2015 Top Car To Buy Award From Green Car

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When it comes to knowing you’re on track, it always helps for someone to hand you something shiny with the words “1st Place” on it. That’s what happened recently when Green Car Reports declared the Volkswagen Golf as the Best Car to Buy for 2015.

Previous year winners (and therefore competitors) include the Nissan Leaf (2011 winner), Toyota Prius hybrid range (2012), Tesla Model S (2013) and Honda Accord Hybrid (2014).


Photos: Green Car Reports

This year, the VW Golf beat all of these. Green Car Reports says that what pushed the Golf to the front of the line was the options for its drivetrain. With two turbocharged gasoline engines, one turbocharged diesel engine, and an outstanding electric motor, the Golf delivered better driving with more spaciousness and fewer emissions than any other car.

The Volkswagen Golf was not only the top choice among Green Car Reports’ professional editors, it was also the reader choice in a poll. The new Golf is lighter, roomier, and still incredibly fun to drive, which is not something typically found in “green” cars.

Green Car Reports found that the turbodiesel exceeded their efficiency expectations: a week of real-world driving averaged 48 mpg, compared to the EPA’s rather dour prediction of 36 mpg. The e-Golf, VW’s electric version of the vehicle, was called the “most ‘normal’ electric car we’ve ever driven” by Green Car Reports.


That’s really the test of what makes a great green car: how normal does it feel. Whether it’s electric, diesel, hybrid or a Mitsubishi, people are going to drive the same the way they always have. Volkswagen deserves kudos for making the technological innovations necessary to deliver outstanding modern efficiency without sacrificing the spirit of driving.

It’s also worth mentioning that this is the first time a European car has won this award.

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