Volkswagen Building 100 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in U.S.

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Photo: George Frey/Reuters

Photo: George Frey/Reuters

Electric, electric, electric: what are we going to do with you? We’ve been perfecting the technology as you can see in spunky models like the e-Golf, and our recent investment in battery-maker QuantumScape.

But it’s never been quite enough for you, has it? Something about electric has made people stare at their shoes while hemming and hawing and oh-look-at-the-time-ing. Like a mediocre date that you can’t quite abandon, electric vehicles have been good, but not great.

Volkswagen aims to change that with an announcement this week. Along with a scarcely-known mom and pop automaker called BMW, VW will build 100 high-speed charging stations on the East and West coasts. And we emphasize high-speed because unlike the three-prong outlet that charges your phone, this electrical jack-o-lantern can juice up an entire car within minutes.

The idea is that even though EVs excel at the daily commuting that occupies 90 percent of our driving, Americans buy cars that can handle the road trips we spend about 0.05 percent of our time doing. Are we irrational? Sure. Crazy, even? Maybe. Are we going to stop? Not unless you pay us to.

Unlike Tesla’s west coast network of proprietary stations, VW and BMW’s will work on any type of electric vehicle, not only their own. That’s because they’re contracting the work to ChargePoint, current operator of the nation’s largest EV station network.

It’s a part of the “Electric: Not Just for California Anymore” campaign (we kid). While it might not be enough to give EV confidence to everyone from Mississippi to West Mississippi, it’s a good sign. And who knows, maybe the next time you’re in a major metro area and the rental place says, “We’re so sorry, but would you mind driving this e-Golf? It’s all we have,” you might feel confident enough to say: “Sure, if it can fit my accordion.”

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