New Classic Beetle Model Emulates the 1940s Look

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Ah, the 1940s. The world was in the romantic throes of a slight ruckus called World War II, the Kardashians hadn’t been born, wireless radio was the new technology, and a reporter named Edward Murrow was cutting his teeth by saying things like, “This – is London.”

It was also the time of the Volkswagen Beetle—no comment on its origins. Today, a new special edition model from the same company will offer you the closest you’ll ever get to that time. The only possible way you could get closer to the 1940s would be to bribe Doc Brown with a whole lot of liberty bonds and a trip to the Wild West.

Volkswagen has made the Beetle Classic, an FDR-harkening version of the current Beetle, which already looks pretty retro. Old-timey dog-dish hubcaps looks like you’re prowling for a speakeasy during the era of prohibition (okay, that was the 1920s). Two-tone cream and chocolate leatherette increase the vintage look to something you’d find on the Antique Roadshow.

Under the hood, however, is the 2015 Beetle engine tech, so you’ll have a lot more pep than the original 25 horsepower. Surfaces meant for your hands—shift knob and hand brake, for example—are covered in leather, but every once in a while modern touches peak out at you: the navigation and satellite radio system would have looked like alien technology to a people not even introduced to television.

Finally, there’s no sense giving a Classic Beetle goofy colors like Fiji Green or Las Vegas Yellow, so you get hues befitting the stark times: Pure White, Black Uni, and Reflex Silver. However, to emphasize the everyman origins of the Beetle, Volkswagen is making this available for $1,500 less than the standard 1.8T model. When can you order one? Right now! They went on sale this week.

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