First Round of 2015 Golf R Reviews Point To Best Golf R Ever

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You know, it’s funny how people who are into cars talk about cars. There’s this phrase that keeps popping up about how you can “get” the car all of a sudden while driving it. And there are few cars that deserve to be got more than the Volkswagen Golf R.

Today we noticed no fewer than three driving reviews of the Golf R online, which is a testament to how badly VW wants people to know it’s coming. The Golf GTI has done a lot to keep Volkswagen’s reputation for liveliness alive, but fans are used to seeing the phrase, “for Europe only” on the really cool VWs.

The Golf R, by contrast, is basically an Audi S3 in a Golf’s body and will arrive later this quarter in the U.S. (!!!) Here’s a sample of the best cuts from these three reviews.

Collin Woodard, Wall St. Cheat Sheet:

“If you spring for Dynamic Chassis Control, however, the electronically adjustable adaptive damping system manages to turn the Golf R into an incredibly neutral handler. Suddenly, you can throw it into a corner and trust that it’s going to go exactly where you point it. You can brake late and really push it a lot harder than you can even push a GTI. In case you’re wondering, yes, that’s a lot of fun.”

Patrick George, Jalopnik:

“Thanks to their closeness, I often wondered if I liked the Golf R better than the S3. On the inside, I definitely do. Besides the aggressively bolstered and extremely comfortable seats, the R dumps the S3’s the bargain-basement air vents and long swath of cheap dashboard plastic for piano black, silver carbon fiber-ish accents everywhere.”

Byron Hurd, Left Lane News:

“The initial run of 2015 models will all be equipped with Volkswagen’s six-speed DSG twin-clutch automatic, but buyers who are willing to wait for a 2016 will be rewarded with the choice of a six-speed manual transmission. If the stick-shift alone isn’t worth the wait, the 2016 update also includes Volkswagen’s new infotainment system featuring Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, along with other connectivity and convenience features (such as USB charging) to sweeten the deal.”

Simply put, the Golf R is an exceptionally fun car that will probably be a contender for best sports car of the year. Jalopnik thinks it’s the best R ever, with respect to the VR6—what do you think?

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