Autoweek Calls 2015 GTI Best of the Best Cars to Own

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Fresh off the heels of the VW Golf winning the Best Car to Buy award from Green Car Reports, the Golf GTI has been named the Best of the Best by Autoweek for 2015.

Autoweek’s editors cited the 2015 GTI for its fun factor, exceptional handling, impressive build quality, affordable price, efficient fuel use, and practicality as a daily driver. Simply put, the GTI strikes the best balance between all of the things that people look for in a car.

The GTI’s engine, a turbocharged 2-liter four-cylinder, deserves a huge portion of praise. Equally as important is the GTI’s frame, the MQB architecture that makes the GTI feel well-balanced in any situation. Autoweek’s editors said the MQB frame was good enough to make them forget they were driving a front-wheel drive car.

Once you add a superb six-speed manual or automatic, dual-clutch gearbox, the GTI is light enough, grounded enough, and accessible enough to be the best car anyone can buy. Period.

To give this award, Autoweek created two categories: one for cars, and the other for trucks. The Volkswagen GTI’s competitors were the Alfa Romeo 4C, the Mercedes-Benz C-Class and the Ford Mustang.

As you might recall from our test drive review of the 2015 Volkswagen GTI this year, we were amazed with how fun and useful it is. VW’s engineers made the GTI longer, wider and taller this year, yet did so while also reducing its weight. The result is more room for passengers, and a batter handling car for the driver.

And as Green Car pointed out, the other versions of the Golf provide a range of fuel-saving options. Whether you prefer diesel, electric or gasoline power, VW has a Golf for you. We’re just glad that Autoweek realized that the most fun Golf, the GTI, has the most of offer of them all.

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